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OC outfit meme by Bunnyloz OC outfit meme by Bunnyloz
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This meme will be good for thoes who want to plan out different outfits for their ocs. i know there are quite a few outfit memes out there but i never really saw one for what the oc usually wear, so i was bored and i thought i should make one. Sorry for the big file.

I wanted to make more random ones, but the meme will be too long.

Anyway, link me back if you do one, i would love to see what you come up with! =D also when you submit it, please link back to the blank copy so others can easily find it. =D

Anyway, i will explain what some mean

-tracksuit should be what your oc exercise in
-lazy clothes is what your oc would wear if they are feeling lazy, more like comfort clothes
-Date is what your Oc would wear on a date
-Cosplay, dress them up as any other existing character, it could be your favourite or what they look like the most, it's up to you.
-Kinky... well just think of it as dominatrix or dress your oc in sexy clothes and you'll be fine. XD
-Oc's Favourite Animal, a lot of people are getting the wrong idea. Don't draw your OC as the animal, draw them in a costume that relates to the animal. Drawing your OC as an animal is NOT an outfit/costume. Remember this is an OUTFIT meme, not a let's turn your OC into a different creature meme.

EDIT 15/7/10 i realised i spell dandy wrong so i fixed it. Also thanks for ToruKun1 for pointing out the mistakes. I can't spell!! XD

I also would love to thank everyone who fave this, but DA thinks that thanking many people is spamming so yeah... so thank you so much! =D

EDIT 21/08/2010

PLEASE!!! and i mean PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE LINK BACK IN YOUR ARTIST COMMENT!!!!! It's annoying for anyone else who wants to do it and has to search this meme up. ALSO PLEASE LINK YOUR VERSION TO ME!!! I am doing a collection and you know it's annoying finding everyone's version! SO PLEASE!!!

EDIT 26/08/2010
Some people have done my meme! YAY!!! so here's the link of the many different outfit memes ^_^…

EDIT 21/02/2011
Wow! I got 1,000 faves for this O_O thank you everyone =3

EDIT 06/01/2015
I'm no longer collecting versions of these memes anymore since i think the amount of filled out versions in my collection is enough to give you all a good idea on what to do. Also I have to disable comments on here, while I do love seeing everyone's version, it's starting to clog up my messages (i have like 20 pages of comments i haven't read because i keep getting so many every day). Also Now we have the mentioning feature, if you really want me to see all you have to do now is use my username on your version.

Also A lot of people have been reposting this blank version on their page which i don't understand why but i do not allow this

Also to note i am not accepting anymore group requests to have this meme in their group, this meme already has enough attention as it is.

If you really really have a question about this meme, have a look at the examples in the collection first please, if that doesn't help you and if you really think you need to ask me, just note me. Although if it is a personal question about your oc, I can not answer it for you. You are the creator/owner of your oc and this meme is meant to help you be creative in creating the outfits of your character. I can not tell you how to dress your ocs.

also I have been asked about using this for existing characters from fandoms, and if that makes you happy go on ahead.

And for those using paint tool sai, you can either open this up in another photo editing program and crop the meme or adjust the maximum canvas size by going to Others--->Options.

Meme (c) by Me!
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July 11, 2010
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